Monday, November 11, 2019

Mac vs Pc Essay

Americans have always had a choice when it comes to computers, but choose wisely not all computers are made the same. Mac and PC rivalry is on the same level as Pepsi vs. Coke. In today’s world, owning a computer is an essential part of life. Although there are numerous types of computers that you could own, there are two main types to consider, A Personal computer or MAC. Everyone has his or her own opinion on which is better. And there are many die-hard fans in each category. You either like it or love it. A lot of people choose personal computers because of how different Mac computers. Firstly we will consider software availability. The majority of computer users own personal computers, both for work and recreational use. Therefore, software companies find that it is far more profitable to develop software that is for use on a PC instead of a Mac You should choose your computer by doing your research and seeing what type of computer fits your life style and your family’s needs. Mac computers have been stereotyped as they type of computer that would be used by Artist and unemployed writers. Macs were not so popular with other people of the world. Now the Mac Company seems to be the fourth largest manufacturer in the world. The prices of Mac computers are a little higher. They range from $1,199.99 to $1,999.99. The price all depends on what size monitor and GB you decide on. Macs come with an Intel core i5 processor with 4 to 500 GB hard drives. They have built in internal speakers and web cam. For photos Mac computers use what is called I Photo. This is where you upload your pictures and have the ability to make picture folders and give them names. Example, (our wedding night). They have a feature call Front row, where you can view trailers of all the upcoming movies that will be coming out in theaters. This feature automatically updates its self, to keep you updated on the newest movies. Instead of a restore center Macs have a feature called the time machine, where you can literally go back in time to a time and place you were on your computer. Unlike Regular personal computers make has just one Large screen that has everything built into it. There is no computer tower, which is kind of nice. Everything you need is right on your computer monitor. You C.D drive are located on the side of the monitor and the USB imports are located in the back along with the on/off button. PC computers were also another stereotype. Many would say this would be they type of computer used by people who loved video games, video chatting, music mash-ups and other cool things. Pc computers were always the choice for people in America. And they definitely seem to be the cheaper choice of the two. PC computers range from about $400 to $800 and that includes a monitor and the tower. And in some cases the package deal comes with a printer. PC computers come with a 3 to 6 GB of memory. With PC computers you usually have to purchase speakers and web cams separately with could cost you between $ 30 and $40. PC computers have a photo gallery where you can up load your pictures to share with family and friends. They also have a backup database so you don’t lose any of your data. Personal computers come with a computer monitor and a tower. The tower is where one would put the C.D ROMs and plug in USB cables. All in all, I found that Mac computers are the most expensive computers. They are well worth the money. I recently bought a Mac computer and I love all the features that come with it. I love the build in web cam. This makes it easier to Skype with my sister, who is away at college. Finding the right computer takes time and effort. Take the time to research computers and find the right one for you.

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